Hegy Manpower Sevice
Hegy International is an established firm in Qatar provides a complete range of General Managed Manpower Services,Networking Services,
Pest Control services,Construction Support Services, Environmental Cleaning, Commercial Painting, Camp Construction, Maintenance, Skilled
Manpower to execute special assigned works.

The Company undertakes all types of Civil specialized works such as Block works, Plastering, Tiling, Interlock etc.

Our team has highly trained and skilled personnel to achieve the optimal results that comply with local as well as international standards.

A partfrom the above, we also can supply skilled & unskilled manpower locally for our client’s requirements (short term / long term basis). Our
personnel will do their assigned tasks in a very safe way, efficiently, well in advance and to the entire satisfaction of our clients.
About Hegy
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To further enhance our recruitment process, provide excellent customer services and bring in quality people with attitude to satisfy
our Clients.

To exceed our customer expectation by providing value-added assistance which will build harmony, fair treatment, respect and
create a sounds "work of choice" to our Clients and to render a "world Class" service.

To promote Integrity, Respect, Unity, Teamwork within Human Resource.
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